Global South Gender Claims and Disputes: Trajectories, Threats and Achievements


Buenos Aires, Saturday July 15th, 2.30pm - 07:00 pm (ARG) (UTC-3)


Universidad del Salvador Auditorium- Tucumán 1845 (y Av. Callao)


The Global South has seen tremendous progress towards women’s rights in the last years. In contrast, in the Global North we have seen backsliding for women’s rights from the overturn of Roe vs. Wade in the United States to the rise of far-right populist parties in Europe waging a war against gender studies, intersectionality, and transgender rights. How can we explain those different trajectories? What can we learn from the progress in the Global South that might be applicable to Global North countries? Scholars from across the Global South will discuss the advancement or backsliding from a country, regional, or comparative perspective that help us illuminate the different regional trends. 


IPSA Pre Conference, Jul 2023
IPSA Pre Conference