IPSA RC 19 - Gender Politics and Policy

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Gender Politics and Policy


The International Political Science Association Research Committee on Gender Politics and Policy (formerly Sex Roles and Politics) was created as a study group in 1976 and became Research Committee 19 in 1979. It brings together scholars from all over the world who are undertaking research on gender politics and public policy and facilitates international exchange and comparative projects.


RC19 officials and members of Executive Board 2014-16




Professor Anne Maria Holli,  University of Helsinki, Finland

e-mail: anne.holli@helsinki.fi




Associate Professor Jennifer Curtin, University of Auckland, New Zealand

E-mail: j.curtin@auckland.ac.nz


Executive Board members:


Dr. Parvathy Appaiah, K.M. Cariappa College, Mangalore University, India



Dr. Judit Fabian, Carleton University, Canada



Associate Professor Joan Grace, University of Winnipeg, Canada



Associate Professor Sarah Maddison, University of New South Wales, Australia


Professor Petra Meier,  University of Antwerp, Belgium



Professor Birgit Sauer, Universität Wien, Austria
e-mail: birgit.sauer@univie.ac.at


Assistant Professor Lea Sgier, Central European University (CEU),  Hungary
E-mail: SgierL@ceu.hu


Associate Professor  Patricia Lee Sykes, American University, United States

e-mail: psykes@american.edu

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