More recently, gender mainstreaming has come to be regarded a crucial strategy for transforming research and teaching in the academic field of political ‘science’. How do we ourselves as academics “do” gender mainstreaming in our research activities, how do we work to ensure gendered research is claimed as core knowledge in the discipline, and how do we mediate knowledge in the class-room in order to achieve this goal? What are the experiences, good practices and insights, and actual barriers to doing this? Have we been successful in bringing feminist scholarship into the “mainstream”? And what lessons from our experience of GM in research and teaching resonate with the insights gained in studying GM as a strategy in politics and policy work? 

This Pre-Congress Workshop organized by RC 19 brings together gender scholars to exchange information, ideas and viewpoints on the state of gender mainstreaming in the study of politics and public policy, as well as in the fields of research and teaching.  The presentations will include theoretical and empirical, case-specific and comparative analyses, as well as contributions from the floor. All those interested are welcome to participate, however, pre-registration is required (




9.00-9.15 Welcome (by Anne Maria Holli, Chair of RC19)

9.15-10.00 Olena Hankivsky (Simon Fraser University): Is it time for a post-gender mainstreaming conversation?

10.00-10.45 Kristy Kelly (Columbia University and Drexel University).: ‘We weren’t unhappy until this workshop!’ Engendering the State, Democratizing Development

10.45-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-11.45 Amanda Gouws (University of Stellenbosch): Thinking about gender mainstreaming from a Southern perspective

11.45-12.30 Kimete Canaj (University of Vienna): Gender mainstreaming in Kosova

12.30-13.30 Lunch break

13.30-14. 15 Kirsty McLaren (Australian National University and University of Liberia): The challenges of ‘doing’ intersectionality: early pregnancy and girls’ education in Liberia

14. 15-15.00 Tania Verge, Mariona Ferrer-Fons and M. José González (Universitat Pompeu Fabra): Resistance to mainstreaming gender into the higher education curriculum

15.00 -15. 15 Coffee break

15.15 -16.00 Judit Fabian (University of Ottawa): Finding feminist political ‘science' at the global level: ‘Gender mainstreaming’ and the representation of women and women’s interests

16.00-17.00 General discussion and wrap-up of the seminar