Including these workshop sessions, RC 19 combined with 52 and 7 (neither of whom had chairs present in Madrid) had the second-highest number of panels after the Public Policy RC - a great achievement!! Special note should be made of the successful co-sponsored panels: two federalism panels with RC 28 (Federalism section) put together by Jennifer Curtin, Univ. of Auckland; also one with RC 33, State of the Discipline, with a roundtable chaired by Jane Bayes. Enormous thanks to Melissa Haussman for pulling all of that together.

We look forward to the next Congress in Montreal in 2014. As noted in an earlier email I hope to organise a pre-Congress workshop on gender and nationalism with Jill Vickers. Also we should note that the congress rules have changed and for 2014 there will be a cap of 10 panels per RC.

Wilma Rule Prize Congratulations to Amanda Gouws, winner of this year's Wilma Rule Award for her paper "Multiculturalism in South Africa: Dislodging the Binary between Universal Human Rights and Culture/Tradition". For anyone who has not had the chance to read Amanda's paper you can still find it in the online paper room for the Congress.